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Successful Ofsted at special school - Breckenbrough School is rated good overall

4 February 2015

Pupils and staff at Breckenbrough are celebrating a successful Ofsted visit. Overall Breckenbrough was graded 'Good,' with outcomes for boarding pupils graded as 'Outstanding.'

Inspectors found a very positive atmosphere in school where good, trusting relationships are developed, leading to outstanding outcomes for boarding pupils.

When pupils start at the school, at any age, and at any time during the school years, their attainment is usually below that typically expected for their age.  Once at Breckenbrough, pupils rapidly begin to achieve their potential and so make good and sometimes outstanding progress.

Teaching staff were congratulated on their expert knowledge and their ability to allow pupils to follow their interests whilst still achieving good learning. Their patience and dedication to the pupils were also noted, leading to a positive climate for learning.

Students in the sixth form make good progress; they develop their independence through using their skills in a wide range of situations such as budgeting and cooking their own meals. They achieve A Level and GCSE grades which often result in them gaining places at university.

The inspectors commented on the hugely enjoyable range of leisure activities, including sporting cultural and recreational experiences, which help pupils improve their social skills and work cooperatively together.  

Head master Geoff Brookes said “This inspection confirms our status as an outstanding provider of supportive and nurturing education for boys whose needs cannot be met by mainstream schools. It is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of all the staff.”

Breckenbrough is a residential special school which caters for high ability boys with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties, including autism.   For more information please go to

To read the Ofsted report in full please click here