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Sidcot School showcases Quaker values in Guardian Education article

17 February 2015

Sidcot School in Somerset are featured in a Guardian Education article which explores how different schools embrace different values with Quaker School students being taught to 'speak truth to power.'

The article mentions how the values of simplicity, truth, peace and equality are inescapable at Sidcot and are ingrained into the syllabus.

Journalist Susanna Rustin comments that the Quakers' focus on peace comes through the importance of "speak truth to power" and questioning and challenging authority which she acknowledges is not an easy idea to teach and increasingly out of step with the trend in mainstream schools for strictness and deference.  The article mentions how Quaker Schools objected when the governement announced that all schools should promote fundemental British values which Headteacher Iain Kilpatrick calls "the creep of militarisation" of education which is at odds with the Quakers focus on human rights.

To read the article in full please click on the link here