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Read Friends' School head teacher Anna Chaudhri’s article in Cambridge Edition

29 January 2015

Read Anna Chaudhri’s article in Cambridge Edition where the head teacher of Friends’ School considers the key to creating a calm and peaceful learning environment for students.

Anna discusses how they have decided that mobile phones have no place at Friends’ during the school day. This has been welcomed by many parents, and pupils are surviving very well without them.

Technology at Friends’ is embraced as a tool for learning in lessons and in independent study but at breaktimes and lunchtimes they wish that the tablets, laptops and iPods disappear, so that the pupils can get some fresh air and exercise, socialise, talk to each other and build friendships. Old-fashioned stuff, perhaps, but vital to the health and wellbeing of pupils of all ages.

Cambridge Edition has established itself as the leading lifestyle magazine in the region and you can read the full article here