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Quaker ethos at Leighton Park School inspires Wellington Academy

6 November 2014

Leighton Park School in Reading has made the headlines recently with the news that their Quaker ethos helped to inspire the famous Wellington College in Berkshire who have introduced stillness sessions.

The full article, in the autumn issue of Independent School Parent magazine, highlights the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  Although stillness sessions are new to the Wellington, the article explains how quiet reflection at Leighton Park was introduced into the school day over a century ago when the school was founded.  Reference is made to the quiet moments at the start of each lesson, silent graces at lunchtime and assemblies starting and ending in contemplation.

According to the author, Katie Hughes, the piece de resistance at Leighton Park is the weekly session that sees pupils gathering quietly for a full 30 minutes, with the chance to stand up and talk about an important thought if they want to.

Headmaster Nigel Williams is quoted as saying: “It gives children the skill to sit quietly in a crowded room and to have a bit of ‘me time’ to think and put things in order.  It also gives them the feeling that they have a right to be heard and a duty to listen.”

The full article is printed in the autumn issue of Independent School Parent magazine. Visit  for more information.