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Dancing with the Dragon

19 February 2018


Junior School pupils at Sibford School have been learning the ancient art of Chinese dragon dancing





Junior School pupils at Sibford School in Oxfordshire enjoyed a taste of the orient when they took part in a Chinese Dragon Dance Workshop. 

All pupils, from Early Years through to Year 6, took part in the event which culminated with a performance to parents. 

For the first half-term of 2018, the pupils have been enjoying a creative curriculum where by all lessons focused on the theme of ‘Journey to the Orient’.

Pupils have taken part in Tai Chi and Yoga lessons; cooked (and eaten) Chicken Chow Mein; looked at the design of Chinese gardens; experimented with brush strokes to create Chinese art; and learnt about the Great Wall of China. 

Junior School Head, Edward Rossiter said: “The children were really motivated by the creative topic based curriculum. They really enjoyed their learning and were engaged and motivated.

“The Dragon Workshop was especially entertaining … the children not only learnt how to make the dragon come to life but they also discovered that dragons are important to Chinese people who think of them as helpful, friendly creatures, linked to good luck, long life and wisdom.”

(Pupils in Years 3 and 4 are pictured with Chinese Dragon Dance expert Manisha Solanki)