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Celebrating Votes for Women

6 February 2018

Girls mark centenary of voting rights for women


Girls at Sibford Junior School near Banbury marked the centenary of voting rights for women by posing as Suffragettes.


Edward Rossiter, Head of the Junior School, said: “During our morning meeting we spoke about equality and Quaker Values and explained that this week marked the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Representation of the People Act … a piece of legislation that, for the first time ever, enabled some women over the age of 30 to vote and paved the way for universal suffrage 10 years later.


“The pupils were outraged by the unfairness of the situation and enjoyed dressing up in protest.”


Year 6 pupil Summer said: “I think it was really bad because the women were living in the same world as the men but they weren’t allowed to speak up and have any input into what went on.”


Added Isobel: “The women had to pay taxes and obey the rules but they weren’t allowed to vote. It was very unfair and I’m glad it was changed.”