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Bootham School pupils show support for Syrian refugees

19 February 2014

Bootham School is working with Oxfam’s Seen and Heard project to ensure the plight of Syrian children is both seen and heard by decision-makers. The aim of the campaign is to collect postcard messages of support and solidarity for Syrian refugee children and to multiply the message through schools across the country.



Liz Brown, head of geography at the school said: "Bootham is designated as Oxfam's World Shaper school for the north of England and the students here are keenly aware of the human tragedy unfolding in Syria - hence our active support for this campaign".

Hugh Bayley, MP for York Central, is supporting the initiative and visited the school to collect the postcards.

Mr Bayley said: “I have visited Syrian refugee camps on the borders with Jordan and Turkey. They provide an immediate place of safety, but are not sufficient to accommodate people on a long-term basis. I met people who had been living in tents through last winter and are now having to endure a second winter under canvas, cooking on camping stoves and struggling to keep their children healthy and in school. "There is no end of the war in sight and so the refugees face the daunting prospect of spending what could be years in these conditions.

"Simply paying for refugees to be held in camps like these for years to come is not an adequate response. It is vital too that a political solution is found to bring the war in Syria to an end."