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Bootham A Level Success

17 August 2017



Students at Bootham School are celebrating successfully navigating the challenging first year of the change to tougher linear A Levels with excellent results. Over 72% of scores achieved between A* and B grade, and nearly a quarter of students securing at least three A grades. These figures are in line with previous years’ results, despite the increased difficulty of the subjects that have made the transition.


Headmaster Chris Jeffery said:  “We are very proud of the achievements of our young people, who have coped so well with the challenge and chaos inherent in the ridiculously phased introduction of Michael Gove’s new A Level system.  We are equally delighted that 84% of those applying to university this year have secured a place on one of their chosen university courses. “


“The statistics, however, can never tell the whole story of the dedication that so many of them have shown in working hard for success, and of the considerable obstacles that some have overcome to secure their grades. They also only hint at the inspiration and support that their teachers have offered. “


“As ever, we are proud of their academic achievements, but even more proud of the impressive, thoughtful and caring young people that they have become. That will always be the most important aim of Bootham’s Quaker education” said Mr Jeffery.